Facts and figures


The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

  • 317MW of capacity 
  • Located off the coast of Sheringham, North Norfolk, England 
  • Covers an area of approximately 35 km2 
  • 88 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 MW, will supply some 220,000 homes with clean energy 
  • Turbine blade length 52 metres (170 feet) 
  • Turbine tower height 80 metres (262 feet) 
  • Wind turbines are placed on foundations fixed to the seabed 
  • Two 900 tonne offshore substations 
  • Two 132 kV marine cables which come ashore at Weybourne 
  • 21.6 km underground cable will connect the wind farm a new substation at Salle, near Cawston
  • From the new substation, the power will be transported to Norwich where it will enter the National Grid


One of the two substations at Sheringham Shoal

One of the two substations at Sheringham Shoal.