Community Fund


As well as providing individual sponsorship for relevant projects and events in North Norfolk, Scira has worked with the Norfolk Community Foundation to establish the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund. The fund provides grants to North Norfolk community groups, including schools and NGOs, seeking financial assistance for projects or initiatives that meet key criteria and focus on renewable energy, marine environment and safety, sustainability, or education in these areas.:


Interested groups can find out more or submit an outline proposal form, available from at any time. The grant panel will consider outline proposals and selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal for consideration. Full applications are normally considered at meetings twice a year with the next scheduled for November 2015


Since its establishment in 2010, the Sheringham Shoal Community fund has made grant awards totalling over £457,000 to the following organisations:


Organisation Purpose Date Awarded Project Areas
Inspired Youth To work with 7 high schools to inspire young female students to consider careers in energy or engineering November 2016 North Norfolk
Sheringham Community Primary School To contribute to the purchase of two IET Formula Goblin kit cars plus safety equipment to enable children to build their own functioning and driveable electric car November 2016 Sheringham
Stalham Academy To contribute to the purchase of one IET Formula Goblin kit car to enable the children to build their own functioning and driveable electric car November 2016 Stalham
National Coastwatch Institution – East Runton Station To enable the station to purchase a new automatic Vessel identification system November 2016 North Norfolk coast
Cromer and District Foodbank To purchase an electric van July 2016 Cromer and surrounding area
Great Ryburgh Memorial Hall To insulate the roof space of the Memorial Hall to reduce heat loss July 2016 Great Ryburgh
Trimingham Parish Council To install ground source heating in the new village hall July 2016 Trimingham
Warham Parish Council To replace sodium street lights with LED lamps July 2016 Warham
Norfolk Rivers Trust To research the fish populations of the salt marsh surrounding Blakeney Harbour July 2016 Blakeney
About with Friends Installation of LED lights throughout the charity's premises March 2016 Cromer
North Walsham Town Council Replacement of 109 street lights with LED lighting March 2016 North Walsham
Wells Harbour Maritime Trust Installation of a ‘Gilly Station’ on Wells Quay March 2016 Wells-next-the-Sea
Sheringham Woodfields School Replace 96 corridor lights with more efficient LED recessed units March 2016 Sheringham
Stiffkey Parish Council Replace 15 existing street lights with LED lighting March 2016 Stiffkey
Wighton Parish Council Replace 13 sodium street lights with LED lighting March 2016 Wighton
All Saints CEVA Primary School To provide LED lighting across the primary school. November 2015 Stibbard
Briston Parish Council Install a 30 kW PV array on Briston Pavilion to replace 25 street lights with 12 watt LED units. November 2015 Briston
Cawston Parish Council To replace 25 street lights with 12 watt LED units. November 2015 Cawston
Colby & Banningham Parish Council To install a 5.5kWp solar pv system on the village hall. November 2015 Banningham
Happisburgh Coast Watch To provide heating in the lookout cabin. November 2015 Happisburgh
Norfolk Rivers Trust To research the fish populations of the salt marsh surrounding Blakeney Harbour. November 2015 Holt
Upper Sheringham Parish Council To replace 8 street light lanterns with LED lanterns. November 2015 Sheringham
Friends of Holt Hall To offer educational children’s workshop, teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils the importance of saving energy and educating them about renewable energy June 2015 North Norfolk
Inspired Youth Projects Ltd To support an initiative to engage females from the energy and engineering community to inspire young females in North Norfolk. June 2015 North Norfolk
Little Snoring Primary School The installation of an 8Kwh Solar PV system on the south west facing roof of the school June 2015 Little Snoring
Wells Community Hospital To install a 20kWp solar PV system on the roof of the hospital. June 2015 Wells
Happisburgh Coast Watch To contribute to the costs of installing, servicing, equipping and securing a port-a-cabin on the new site. November 2014 Happisburgh and North Norfolk
Kickstart Norfolk To purchase and operate five electric mopeds/scooters over a 12 month period. November 2014 North Norfolk wide
Ryburgh Parish Council To replace 39 street lights with LED lights November 2014 Ryburgh
Wells Primary and Nursery School Funding to install a 5.75 kWp solar PV system May 2014 Wells-next-the-Sea
Sheringham Coastwatch To purchase a telescope May 2014 Sheringham
Heritage House Caring Group (Wells-next-the-Sea) Ltd Install a 10 kWp solar PV system May 2014 Wells-next-the-Sea
Cromer Past Present Future Ltd Install an 8 kWp solar PV system May 2014 Cromer
Action for Children/ Wells Children's Centre Provide opportunities for adults to gain lifeguarding qualifications and provide swimming lessons for children May 2014 Wells-next-the-Sea
Worstead Queen Elizabeth Village Hall To contribute to the cost of installing of solar PV panels. November 2013 Worstead
Sheringham Museum Trust To replace halogen and metal halide spotlights with LED lights November 2013 Sheringham
Sheringham & District Sports Association To upgrade existing floodlights. November 2013 Sheringham
Cawston Village Hall To contribute to the cost of installing of solar PV panels. November 2013 Cawston
Beeston Regis Parish Council To install low energy LED street lighting November 2013 Beeston Regis
Seal and Bird Rescue Trust To provide training for up to 24 young people. May 2013 Ridlington
North Walsham
Palling Volunteer Rescue Service To provide a Junior crew for the Sea Palling voluntary lifeboat. May 2013 Sea Palling
The Patch - Sheringham Community Smallholding Project To fund the salary of the project manager and maintenance/groundsman. May 2013 Sheringham
Wells Maltings Trust To support for the Trust's core costs May 2013 Wells-next-the-Sea
Aylmerton Village Hall Funding towards 'Raising the Roof' project - specifically the installation of integrated solar PV panels. November 2012 Aylmerton
Sheringham Woodfields School To install PIR lighting and electric hand driers November 2012 Sheringham
National Coastwatch Institution Mundesley To establish a new Coastwatch station at East Runton November 2012 East Runton
Ryburgh Community Enterprise To install a solar PV system to the shop. November 2012 Ryburgh
St Seraphim's Trust Funding for a range of materials and plants to further develop the community garden. May 2012 Walsingham
Blakeney Parish Council Develop a project plan obtaining necessary consents and approvals to dredge the channel and carry out a first phase of dredging. May 2012 Blakeney
North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club Funding to help establish a life saving youth training programme. May 2012 Cromer
Bodham Parish Council Funding to help with the regeneration of Bodham Common to a lowland heath. May 2012 Bodham
Alderman Peel High School Funding to install solar hot water heating for the school/community swimming pool. May 2012 Wells-next-the-Sea
Sheringham & District Preservation Society To replace current lighting with 80 x 6w LED bulbs. November 2011 Sheringham
1st Mundesley (Air) Scout Group Install 20 photovolteic panels on the hall roof November 2011 Mundesley
Wells Area Partnership Funding for the "how to green guide" project. May 2011 Wells-next-the-Sea
Museum of the Broads Contributing towards the costs of the installation of photovoltaic solar May 2011 Stalham
Norfolk Ornithologists’ Association Analyse five years worth of birdwatching data May 2011 North West Norfolk
Wells Maltings Trust Funding towards the costs of architects design fees. May 2011 Wells-next-the-Sea
Holt Community Centre Funding for a two part green energy project involving photovoltaics and cavity wall insulation. December 2010 Holt
National Coastwatch Institution, Mundesley Funding to replace three windows in the Coastwatch station. December 2010 Mundesley
Norfolk Ornithologists' Association Analyse five years worth of birdwatching data June 2010 North West Norfolk
Unity Wind Limited The costs of a traffic and noise survey and associated expenses for a proposed community wind farm. June 2010 North Walsham
The Mason Trust Funding towards the costs of the climate run at Holkham Estate June 2010 Holkham


Case study2: Alderman Peel High School

In May 2012 Alderman Peel High School in Wells was awarded the funding to install solar hot water heating for the school/community swimming pool. The pool, which is now 50 years old as it dates back to the original build of the school in 1963, is not only used for school activities but is also serves as the local community swimming facility. The local community can access the pool for a range of scheduled sessions throughout the week and during weekends, including adult and baby sessions on Saturday mornings, ladies only sessions on Sunday evenings, fitness classes and dawn dippers for the early risers in Wells.


The work on the new solar energy heating system was completed in October 2012, and Eddie Kossowicz, Site Manager at APHS, projects an annual saving of £10,000 on costs for heating the pool. Alastair Ogle, Headmaster at APHS, is delighted with the improvements, "This is a brilliant example of how the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund is benefiting the students, as not only do we have an improved facility but also the savings can be ploughed back into learning activities. And the school children are not the only beneficiaries, because now we can keep prices low for those members of the community who regularly enjoy these facilities".


Headmaster Alastair Ogle with Scira’s Liz Hancock and Einar Strømsvåg

Headmaster Alastair Ogle with Scira’s Liz Hancock and Einar Strømsvåg.


Case study: National Coastwatch Institution Mundesley


The aim of the National Coastwatch Institution Mundesley is to ensure the safety of those at sea or on the Mundesley foreshore, and help the HM Coastguard by keeping a visual and radio watch to monitor both the local weather and sea conditions.


Volunteers working from the Coastwatch station need to have a clear view out to sea and along the coast to fulfill this role and ideally can do it with a degree of comfort.


The organisation realised the windows were less than satisfactory for this so applied to the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund for a grant to replace them. The grant was awarded and early in 2012 the station was fitted with not only new windows, but also a full overhaul including a redecoration, carpet tile installation, refurbished console and chart table and new internal wiring.


Coastwatch's Derek Evans said that the new windows and the rest of the work has considerably improved the working environment for the volunteer watchkeepers, who are mostly retired people.


"It is certainly warmer and less draughty and the condensation inside the windows during the cold spells has ceased," he added.


The building was re-opened in March by local MP, Norman Lamb with guests including the Chairman of Mundesley Parish Council and representatives from HM Coastguard and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


The building was re-opened in March by local MP, Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb MP (left) opens the upgraded Coastwatch station at Mundesley.